AEM Bypass Valve
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Description: 2.75'' AEM Bypass Valve (20-402s)

AEM's Air Bypass valve for Cold Air Induction Systems virtually eliminates the unlikely chance of water ingestion should the filter element become wet from deep puddles, rain, hail, sleet or snow-or any other scenario in which the filter element could encounter or become submerged in water. The valve installs along the upper portion of the inlet pipe on the same axis as the throttle body centerline. Should a drop in pressure occur within the pipe due to filter submersion, the valve shuts down induction at the filter and routes incoming air through its external orifices, eliminating any chance of water ingestion.

The AEM Bypass Valve is used to protect the engine from hydro locking. Hydro locking occurs when the end of the inlet pipe is submerged in water and the water is sucked into the engine. Driving the vehicle in rainy conditions is not enough to cause a problem unless the vehicle becomes submerged enough that the inlet end of the pipe is immersed in water. Rain impingement on the filter will not cause a hydro lock condition. The distance of the filter from the road dictates the level of water that can cause damage. This distance varies with the vehicle ride height which is why there are no published numbers for this measurement.

The bypass valve may cause a slight loss in power due to the interrupted wall section created by the internal shape of the valve. In dyno testing we have found that the power loss is minimal. The bypass valve offers great security against hydro locking the engine in rainy conditions. If maximum power is the requirement, we suggest that the bypass valve be used in the rainy season and when racing use a coupler hose to make a smooth section where the bypass valve goes.

AEM's Air Bypass Valve is for use on AEM Cold Air Systems only.
MSRP: $61
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