McCulloch H7 HID Conversion Kit
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Description: G-Garage Launches The Next Generation of H.I.D. Conversion Manufactured by McCulloch

High Intensity Discharge (H.I.D.) Conversion to the automotive industry. The McCulloch H.I.D. conversion system has many new and upgraded features that can revolutionize the current H.I.D. market.

The name ''McCulloch'' is recognized by many industries around the world for its premier chain saws, lawn / garden / power tools, and outdoor lighting. The parent company of McCulloch?s engineering facility is the same manufacturer of OEM headlights for the Japanese auto industry, which is the leader in the lighting technology, quality, and experience. The new generation of H.I.D. system from McCulloch has a built-in auto safety cut-off protection that would prevent any damage to the ballast due to excessive heat, insufficient voltage, and sudden burst of electricity. Furthermore, the system eliminated all of the complicated wiring and unprotected connections that haunt most of the HID installers and owners.

The installation of McCulloch H.I.D. system could not get any easier than changing the headlight bulbs. Thus, no modification is required on your vehicle, which makes the conversion reversible.

Additional features that are ONLY from McCulloch:
*Manufacturer Warranty: 30 days for Xenon bulb and 1 year for ballast.
*Compact: The ballast and igniter is the smallest in the market.
*Longer, Thicker Wires: Eliminates any cutting, relocating, and modifying procedures needed to secure the ballast. Thus, the ballast can be placed away from the engine.
*Sealed Packaging: The system is water and dust resistant.
*Glare Shield: A glare-reducing shield that would not blind the incoming traffic. (Currently on the H4 bulbs)

McCulloch H.I.D. system uses less electricity than the standard halogen bulbs, which makes the life expectancy of the H.I.D. bulb up to 10 times longer than the standard halogen bulbs. Driving with H.I.D. lights allows the driver to see the road wider and further, making dangerous obstacles easier and earlier to detect. Other benefits and information are available on their website.

McColluch HID kits include:
>>Ballast/Igniter: compact, water resistant with built-in protection from No Load, Reverse Voltage, and Short Circuiting and backed by a 1 Year warranty
>>HID Bulb: 5000K color temperature, water-resistant connectors, exact fitment as OEM, easy and simple to install, and backed by a 30 day warranty.

MSRP: $549
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February 10, 2005 Would you recommend this product: Yes | Price paid: $300.00 | Rating: 9 
Pros: Huge difference compare to stock & regular xenon lights
Cons: Bulb doesn't fit quit as good as stock, require re-aiming the lights
Great mod! Definetly a big improvment driving @ night! I have the 6000K so the beam is baby blue with a hint of light purple hue. No regular Xenon bulbs could compare with actual HIDs. They made my fog lights (with Mtech xenons) look dim and yellowish in comparison. I did have to re-aim the lights a little. But overall it's definetly a great investment!
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