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44engine_aasco_flywheel1.jpg AASCO Flywheel
AASCO Light Weight Flywheels are designed to improve the overall performance of your import. The replaceable friction surface will allow you to do away with resurfacing your flywheel ever again. The h ...
  Not yet rated 849
44engine_aem_bypassvalve1.jpg AEM Bypass Valve
2.75'' AEM Bypass Valve (20-402s) AEM's Air Bypass valve for Cold Air Induction Systems virtually eliminates the unlikely chance of water ingestion should the filter element become wet from deep pu ...
  Not yet rated 2330
44engine_aem_cai1.jpg AEM Cold Air Intake
AEM Cold Air Intake (2nd Generation) AEM Cold Air induction systems create MORE horsepower than EVERY intake system on the market. Only AEM induction systems feature CNC mandrel-bent 6061 aluminum ...
9.3 9.3 8398
44engine_aem_trupowerpully1.jpg AEM Tru-Power Pulley Kit
AEM Tru-Power Pulley Kit AEM Tru-Power pulleys increase horsepower by decreasing the parasitic effects that factory accessory pulleys have on a vehicle's engine. The pulley's lightweight 6061 T-6 b ...
7.5 7.5 4551
44engine_apex_safc1.jpg Apexi Super SAFC (Fuel Computer)
APEX DIGITAL SUPER AFC CONCEPT: Piggyback Fuel Computer CHARACTERISTICS: Modifies air-flow meter signal (pressure signal in some vehicles) to optimize fuel-air ratio; Vacuum Fluorescent Displa ...
  Not yet rated 3391
44engine_blitz_clutch1.jpg Blitz Active Clutch Single Disc (GTS)
The BLITZ Active Clutch was designed to hold maximum horsepower while retaining daily drivability. The Active Clutch is a complete clutch assembly that includes flywheel, pressure plate, clutch disc, ...
8.0 8.0 2985
Blitz SUS
This is a "complete kit" for the Celica and includes all mounting hardware and adaptors. The stainless steel mesh filter is washable with a degreaser (like simple green) and does NOT require re-oiling ...
  Not yet rated 1083
44engine_brashboy_2000cckit1.jpg Brashboy 2,000cc Kit (GT-S)
Bore 82φ, Stroke 92mm、 Horsepower Torque Displacement 1942.42cc Crank shafts (Take light weight processing, a balance, and it has been processed.) Special connecting rods and pistons ...
  Not yet rated 4036
44engine_brashboy_sri1.jpg Brashboy Air Intake Kit
Brashboy air cleaner kit includes all the necessary mounts, piping and silicon hoses required to install the kit. for ZZT230/231
  Not yet rated 2355
44engine_brashbo_headersystem.jpg Brashboy Header / Exhaust System
Brashboy Exhaust system/4-2-1 type The power increases securely. (A normal catalytic converter trade-in is necessary. / Confer about the trade-in.) for ZZT231
  Not yet rated 3635
44engine_brashboy_heatshield.jpg Brashboy Heat Shield
Heat Shield / Cover heat inside the engine securely. for ZZT230/231
  Not yet rated 1893
44engine_brashboy_oilpan1.jpg Brashboy Oil Pan with Baffle
Prevent the inclination of the engine oil. Protect engine. for ZZT231/ZZT230
  Not yet rated 2060
44engine_brashboy_oilcooler1.jpg Brashboy Oil Cooler Kit
Keeps oil temperature under control. for ZZT231/ZZT230
  Not yet rated 2422
44engine_brashboy_engine_damper1.jpg Brashboy Engine Damper
Prevents engine vibration for ZZT230/231
  Not yet rated 4367
62584engine_centerforce_dfclutch1.jpg Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch
What can you say but two clutches.
  Not yet rated 1788
80394engine_dc_header.JPG DC Sports 4-2-1 Ceramic Header 6.3 6.3 3669
Hotshot Hotshot 4-2-1 Header
Polished Ceramic Header
7.0 7.0 1437
44engine_injen_heatshield1.jpg Injen Intake Heat Shield / Spash Guard
Polished Aluminum Heat shield/Splash guard used on Cold air intakes to help avoid excess water ingestion or on Ram air intakes to avoid heat soak! By deflecting hot engine compartment air, a heat s ...
6.0 6.0 3761
44engine_injen_rdcai1.jpg Injen Race Division Cold Air Intake
Injen Race Division Cold Air Intake System - 2000-UP Toyota Celica Manufactured mainly as a race application, this one piece unit delivers more power because of increased cold air being forced into ...
9.3 9.3 4469
44engine_injen_sri1.jpg Injen Short Ram Intake
Short Ram Intake System - 2000-UP Toyota Celica (Manual and Automatic) For the enthusiast who is looking for a polished, show quality system Injen offers the traditional ''under the hood'' intake. ...
9.3 9.3 3761
1362844engine_k_n_hiflow_airfilter.jpg K&N Performance Hi-Flow Air Filter
OEM replacement air filter with hi-flow design K&N's replacement air filters are designed to increase horsepower and acceleration while providing excellent filtration. We make over 1,200 different ...
8.0 8.0 2150
244engine_k_n_oilfilter1.jpg K&N Performance Oil Filter
Originally developed for demanding race applications, K&N's Performance Gold Oil Filter has become a favorite among consumers for its durability and easy removal. Most of our automotive and marine oil ...
  Not yet rated 1453
244engine_k_n_typhoon_sri1.jpg K&N Performance Typhoon Short-Ram Intake
Built for performance and show, the 69 Series Typhoon Air Intake System is a free-flowing mandrel-bent aluminum tube induction system designed to fit many sport compact performance vehicles. Typhoon ...
  Not yet rated 2685
44engine_trd_filter1.jpg TRD High Flow Air Filter
High Flow Air Filter Part # 00602-17801-007
8.0 8.0 3059
TRD Clutch Set
Clutch Set Part # 00602-31201-025 2000-2003 Celica GTS
10.0 10.0 2053
44engine_trd_oilfilter1.jpg TRD High Flow Oil Filter
TRD is pleased to introduce a new line of TRD Performance Oil Filters for Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Constructed of a sturdy steel outer shell, the oil filters feature arch-pleated media for low flow ...
  Not yet rated 1629
44engine_trial_header1.jpg Trial Header (GT-S)
This new Exhaust Manifold was built for TRIAL'S Celica Track Car. It will work on the 2ZZ and 3ZZ. The manifold turned out gains of 10hp on a stock Celica GTS with no mods to the computer! It was ...
  Not yet rated 3522
Unorthodox Racing Lightweight Racing Pulleys
Lightweight Crank and Alternator Underdrive Pulley's.
9.0 9.0 2048
engine_wiseco_pistons_gt1.png Wiseco Pistons (Celica GT)
This piston design is brand new from Wiseco. These pistons are forged from 2618 aluminum and machined to exceptional tolerances. They are designed for tighter piston to cylinder clearances than other ...
  Not yet rated 896
engine_wiseco_pistons_gts1.png Wiseco Pistons (Celica GTS)
This piston design is brand new from Wiseco. These pistons are forged from 2618 aluminum and machined to exceptional tolerances. They are designed for tighter piston to cylinder clearances than other ...
  Not yet rated 934
XS Engineering Turbo (GT-S)
Get ready to boost your Toyota Celica GTS to 241 wheel horsepower with XS Engineering's GTS Turbocharger System. Designed by XS Engineering's research and development team, comes the first truly "comp ...
  Not yet rated 3143
engine_zex_nitrous1.png Zex Nitrous Kit
Plug & Play Nitrous Performance. All major components are contained in the ZEX Part # ZEX-82021
  Not yet rated 1061
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