Trial Bazooka Muffler (GT-S)
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Description: 2.36 inch dia. main pipe/3.93 inch tail
MSRP: $765

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September 7, 2004 Would you recommend this product: Yes | Price paid: $890.00 | Rating: 10 
Pros: 4 pounds in weight and the looks of the titanium
Cons: The price
Well first off it's a titanium exhaust so it's a flipping feather. For non-turbo aplications it's the one that has two canisters which I believe is a dual muffler so it can pass the US noise laws. I paid 890 with S&H and insurance from Japan.

Sound; Soundwise it's louder than stock. It has a growl like a blown WRX in the low RPMs and then it sounds closer to stock higher pitch in high RPMs. If you had to compare it to the stock it seems to be louder in the low RPMs than the high ones in respect to the stock setup. It actually got a little louder since I got it. At first when I got it I thought it was a tad quiet but now it just perfect. For my taste that is.(Some people think Kazooma is too quiet!)

Install; I didn't install it myself but I watched the guy do it and it took him 20 minutes max. The funnest thing was to watch him wrestle the stock setup and then tossing this setup in the air like it was nothing. The fit was kinda hard to judge because I got rear-ended and now my bumper is messed up (which I'm replacing with Bomex) So it did touch the crooked stock bumper just a bit but otherwise it's fine. The tip comes out a bit further than the bumper so you can burn your leg on it if you lean against the back of the car. It shouldn't be a problem with my new bumper though.

Performance; I'd be stupid if I said that I feel like my neck is snapping on launches now but I do feel that in high RPMs the car doesn't choke as much. IF I had to compare it to a person breathing it would be like an athlete exhaling versus asthmatic person. In high RPMs it still sounds like it's crying it's heart out but it doesn't sound as restricted which is what I might feel as a small power gain.

Conclusion; This thing rocks! It's sick craftsmanship. It looks cool. It sounds cool. It's 4 pounds in weight. And it's 890$! I would suggest to buy it to anyone as long as you got the cash, of course! I doubt you can justify overpaying 300$ to someone who is on a tight budjet. I was lucky enough to afford it. I do realize it's an expensive buy but I think it's worth the money. You get what you pay for. I figure, spend it and enjoy it, so I'd buy it again if I had a chance.

Joined: Nov 2003
Posts: 31
February 26, 2005 Would you recommend this product: No | Price paid: N/A | Rating: 0 
Actually I heard someone else drive my car for the first time and this thing is loud as shit!!!
When you drive it sounds a little bit louder than stock but outside this thing screams bloody murder. It's awesome!!!
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