Veilside EC-I
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Description: The FULL Veilside Body Kit consists of FOUR pieces; 1x front bumper, L/R sides, rear bumper.

All Veilside products are made of hand-laid fiberglass. All products are also made to be factory fitting. Veilside uses the OEM (factory) measurements when creating the pieces, ensuring that all bolt-holes line up properly, thus giving you clean fit, eliminating the occurrence of warping, & reducing the chances of cracking. Unlike genuine Veilside pieces, many knock-off products are brittle or warped & chip easily. Many of them require extensive & expensive modification in order to make them fit. However, with ordering the genuine Veilside products, you can be assured only the finest quality backed by one of the most prestigious names in Japanese Aero-tuning.
MSRP: $1,700

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Los Angeles, CA
March 17, 2004 Would you recommend this product: Yes | Price paid: N/A | Rating: 9 
Pros: Very light-weight but STRONG fiberglass
Cons: Engine plastics needed to be modified for installation
Fitment is perfect! Front lower engine plastics had to be trimmed for correct installation. The kit front was so long and very low to the ground, it makes driving almost imposable with stock 15" or even 16" wheels. I highly suggest 18" or even 19" with a drop for daily driving with this kit

Joined: Apr 2004
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May 19, 2004 Would you recommend this product: Yes | Price paid: $600.00 | Rating: 9 
Pros: wonderful, low profile
Cons: cleaning and paint underneath front bumper are both hard to keep up.
I recieved this kit from in Fla. when they first started their business. The fiberglass job was incredible. The kit itself looks great-it's definitly an eye catcher. Cleaning around the cracks and in the crevices is a little tough, and the kit is hard to paint because of all the angles. Keep this in mind when taking it to be painted-the shop may have to take longer if they don't have an experienced painter. The bottom of my front bumper has paint chipping off of it from the front dragging in various places, and that's with 18" rims. But all in all, it gives the car a really sharp look.

Joined: Sep 2003
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Cen+Cal "L-TOWN" (Lemoore)
September 18, 2004 Would you recommend this product: Yes | Price paid: $600.00 | Rating: 10 
Pros: Easy install, looks great, attracts a lot of attention, Very good fiberglass ect.
Cons: Need to mod a little to make it fit flush.....
For my first time installing a kit with the help of and John it was an ease it fits perfect with a lil bit of mods with the dremel gotta cut out where the fog lights sit at, wasnt hard, its not bad with 17" motegi rims i have on, no rubs. It looks 10x better turns heads and was worth my money, it sits really low how i like ........ i recommend gettin this kit for any of celi owners if u have the time and money...
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Tampa, Fl
December 15, 2004 Would you recommend this product: Yes | Price paid: $1,500.00 | Rating: 9 
Pros: Demands Attention
Cons: front end is far longer (sticks out more) than stock = prone to scraping
This kit, in my opinion, is the sharpest looking for the late-model celicas. Fitment was great and get compliments on mine daily. No real cons.

Joined: Oct 2004
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December 27, 2004 Would you recommend this product: Yes | Price paid: $600.00 | Rating: 10 
Pros: Best one yet, it goes perfectly with the celica.
I got so many complements with this b/k. I think is the best one so far, it goes so well with the curvs of the celica. Too bad I had to get the new veilside b/k. I think isthe best shape ever created for the celica. No other b/k will look as good in a car as this one does on the celica.
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Joined: Sep 2004
Tampa, Florida
March 14, 2005 Would you recommend this product: Yes | Price paid: $650.00 | Rating: 10 
Pros: love the way it looks
There was some work to be done to the front bumper but other them that love the way it looks even thought I only have the front bumper right now get a lot of complements and of course turns heads when driving down the road
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