APR GT300 Widebody
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Description: The GT300 Celica Aero Kit is the key factor in achieving the highest possible aerodynamic characteristics in a production aero kit. APR Team has engineered a very unique aero kit that matches the curves and shapes of this specific vehicle with very low minimum drag coefficient. To ensure the quality fitment and finish, high grade fiberglass and carbon fiber materials are used in the construction of this aero kit. The aero kit design features includes a streamlined nose bumper, widened separation side-skirts, widened and raised rear fender arches and a complete rear bumper with air vents. For the most advanced front end downforce, carbon fiber Canards, wind splitter and adjustable rods are also added in this kit for race vehicle applications.

Celica 00 APR GT300 Wide Bodykit is 12pc and excludes Wing and Mirrors
Website: http://www.aprperformance.com/

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Pros: a lot better areodynamics, racing look
Cons: depending on driver might be to wide for them and may hit side on curbs or anywhere on road
Well i think it's the best kit you could get for the celica if your into show or even racing becuase it helps you with areodynamics and i would say more downforce and just helps you out a lot and along with that gives it that real race look and fit perfectly into the celica body and matches it 100%, I would say if you have the money then i reccomend you buy this body, it is worth the money
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