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Injen vs. AEM intake for Celica GT #8205 Aug 17, 12:08am Aug 17, 12:08am

Anonymous OP


Injen vs. AEM intake for Celica GT
Hey I was just wondering if any of you have compared the dynos between two celicas (one with Injen SRI and one with AEM CAI). Which one came out the fastest. OR gts. I was told that AEM doesn't have a CAI for the celica gt yet. Is this true? If so, are they in production. What would you guys recommmend for a celica gt as far as an Intake goes? Thanks in advance!

Re: Injen vs. AEM intake for Celica GT #8206 Aug 18, 1:48am Aug 18, 1:48am

Anonymous OP


i thought ur ride is an rsx?... well I have an Injen CAI racing division polished metal, with heat shield. for obvious reasons I choose Injen over AEM... because -

1) heat shield/splash guard- to keep engine heat from melting filter, and water from getting into filter
2) looks good
3) Injen filters outflow AEM filters(k&n filters are used with AEM Intakes)

also, AEM's water/air bypass thing has been recalled for reasons of malfunction which have led to engine damage, severe and minor. The bypass is known to FALL off and get sucked into the throttle body, causing WHO knows what havok.

as for the dynos... they are relatively the same horsepower and torque gain, so either or should work. however I do believe has the dynos on the site. AEM I believe does have higher power gains at lower rpm s. not sure though, i think i'm right.

my personal reconmendation is Injen, why? because I'm happy with mine, no probs, great sound, great product, street legal, cheap power gain, I have used it and i get nothing but complements... Injen - I always reconmend, quality. relatively easy to install also.

Re: Injen vs. AEM intake for Celica GT #8207 Aug 19, 3:52pm Aug 19, 3:52pm

Anonymous OP


thanks for the reply. sounds like you like your Injen Intake. i don't have a celica, but i have some friends with celica's and questions come up like this all the time. some of my friends are in the market for Intakes.


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