Noob Help / No heat
Hello all,
I am stumped, I have a 2004 Celica GT, with 36k miles on it.
Car would not blow out heat, "its the dead of winter here in Iowa".
Other than that car worked fine all summer.

I changed the thermostat, added some more coolent. "Added super long life Toyota coolent" (the pink stuff).
Car still does not blow out heat. Also now car overheats within couple blocks.
Its been in the negatives temperature wise here in Iowa.

I disconnected hose going to heater core, and hose off heater core. Blew on hose going in, and coolent shot out the hose going out.

When car is running hose going to heater core is hot. Hose going out heater core is cold.

Someone please help me troubleshoot this car.
Thank you in advance...