VVTi vs VVTLi gearing
So, last week my 03 Celica decided it didn’t want it’s bottom end anymore and killed itself, very sad after I’d just put hundreds of £s into it so I’ve now upgraded to a 03 VVTLi, which is amazing, I love lift so much but am trying to control myself with it on the journey to work and back.

My question is after driving my VVTi for months and now my VVTLi, is there a difference in gearing? I’ve found the VVTi was doing a higher mph at 6000rpm, I saw this right? Or am I imagining it?

Also what are simple mods for the VVTLi, the Car I bought has an aftermarket rear box and I’ve fitted my induction from my VVTi

Any help or advice would be amazing, new here and this is my first question.