2003 GT rapid CEL hesitation bogging no acceleration at 3200 rpm
Just bought 2003 GT, drove 10 miles got up to 4k rpm and the engine hesitates and losses power. Ran codes,PO100 (mass or volume Air flow A circuit)P0110 ( Intake Air Temperature Sensor 1 ? Circuit),P0420 Catalyst System Efficiency below Threshold Bank 1) P0012 A camshaft Position timing over-Retarded ? Bank 1), Cleaned Mass Air Flow on top of air Intake, No change, Replaced Spark Plugs, No Changed, Replaced Mass Air Flow Sensor on top of air take, no change. Changed Camshaft solenoid, engine started, cleaned the Camshaft position sensor (had small metal particles mixed with oil attracted to the magnetic pull from cam shaft position sensor), codes cleared, but now when engine warms up while driving the CEL flashes rapidly and car hesitates, bogs down no acceleration at 3200 rpms. (Such as when at 60 mph in 5th gear, shift down to 4th rpms jump to 3200 rpms) Replaced catalytic converter, no change. Below 3000 engine seems to operate normally.

Just sank $3000 into this car, plus 850 for the catalytic converter, now it's in a shop in Nashville and the mechanics can't figure out the problem. I need help from you Gurus!!!