Transporting car from one state to another
I purchased a car this weekend in Miami, and now I want to move it to Georgia. After doing some research and talking to someone for 20 min about how this works, the transport business is very sketchy and shady. So I want to ask you guys and see if you've ever used one, do you remember who and did you have a good experience with them?

Apparently no matter who you call, you are talking to a broker. This broker, goes on a site, puts up a bid and waits for a driver to accept or waits until they price is raised if they don't like what they see. From what I've been told, if you call a "transporter service (broker)" that tells you it's going to be $X and we can pick it up tomorrow, then they are bold face lairs because they haven't put it in the system yet and a driver hasn't agreed to it. THEN on top of all that, even if they do tell you a price over the phone, once the car is picked up, they wash their hands of the deal completely and now it's up to you and the people you couldn't talk to directly in the first place. And if they say this amount you owe them is $X more, guess what? You HAVE to pay it or else say goodbye to your car.

Awesome business model right? Just as bad as stealerships but this practice should be illegal in my opinion, unless you get a concrete written amount guaranteed not to change after your car is on the truck.

I called someone on Monday and until today Wednesday, STILL haven't gotten a we're going to pick up your car at this time and for this much. So I'm very disappointed and a bit frustrated since I didn't think it was going to take this long. Plus I also didn't think it could be over $500.

Can anyone help in this situation? Used a service before they can recommend? Thanks!

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