Dec 31, 4:22am - #450941 
FS: 2002 Celica GTS

I have a 2002 Celica GTS I would like to part out or would consider selling out right. It had a wiring fire under the battery and the engine harnesses, ECM, fuse box and battery tray are no good. There is also a 6 - 8"spot on the Hood where the paint came off from the heat. the engine was running and car was being driven when the wiring caught fire so I can only guess that the engine is good. I do know the clutch was not functioning. I was not driving so that is all I know. I believe it has 190,xxx miles but I will confirm that later today.

It is located in southern lower Michigan right near the the state line at the center point.

I bought it to fix it but health issues are, unfortunately, keeping me out of the garage.