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2001 Toyota Celica GT

Joined: Sep 2014
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Aug 7, 10:26pm - #450706 
51mpg+ in my 2001 Celica?

So I've been looking around for the last few weeks trying to find if anyone's getting anywhere close to the gas milage I've been getting and I can't find anything. I'm more curious just as to why I've been getting such great gas milage.

I know that main factor has to be that I did a complete engine swap with a 2008 Corolla engine. After the swap I had realized that I was getting way Way better gas milage, so I went to find a way to check what the gas milage was.

Initially I was using the Torque app to measure it, but when it consistently showed that I was getting 51mpg at 70mph on the freeway, I stopped using it because I thought that there was no way I was getting that. I figure I had set it up wrong, or it was just having some kind of issue with my car. So I figured I'd test it another way. USING MATH! Anyway, one of my friends let me use his fancy obd2 scanner for a few months to accurately measure how much gas was in my tank at any given time, and then also wrote down the miles traveled on my odometer.

I usually fill up at half a tank because you're suppose to get a little better gas milage that way, but I tried running it dry and filling it at half and got almost the same result. After about 3 and a half months of testing, I could go roughly 700 miles on from full to empty, and roughly 370 miles on half a tank. If you divide those 700 miles by the capacity of our gas tank, 14.5 gallons, the result is a little over 48mpg. But if you take the 370 miles for half a tank and divide the capacity of our tank in 2, that gives you 7.25 gallons, now divide the 370 miles by 7.25 gallons, you get a little over 51mpg, which is what the Torque app was telling me.

I have no clue what the heck is going on inside my car to make the gas milage that good, maybe it has something to do with having a newer engine and an the original ECU. I really don't know. I'm definitely not complaining, just really really curious. If you all have any theory's or know exactly why this is happening, please let me know!

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Joined: Nov 2015
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Nov 1, 6:46pm - #450842 
Are your tires the o.e. size? I average just below 40mpg when driving 90% interstate, but have seen as high as 45mpg on a tank when the weather was nice and I never saw traffic. Once I filled up right before getting on and right after getting off of the interstate when I was commuting 50 miles a day. The interstate only mileage was 48 mpg! I think it's just that these cars are light, and have the right gearing to get this kind of mileage with their tiny 1.8 liters when driven conservatively. smile

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