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2000 Silver Toyota Celica GT
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2000 Toyota Celica GT

Joined: Jul 2015
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Jul 12, 6:27am - #450684 
Installing a new audio system amp/sub advice? 3 or 5 channels?

Hi guys,
First time posting here. I've been utilizing your site for a while, since I just bought a 2000 GT. Right now I'm working on the dash and installing an Android tablet (which is going well, I'll post pics later!), but that also means I'm going to need an amplifier, since I took out the radio.
I've been doing as much research as I can, but it's pretty difficult to really scope out something that I have little experience with. I'd be obliged if any of you can help me out and make sure I don't make a horrible mistake in the choice of sub I get.

I'm much more concerned with the audio quality and accuracy of the system than making my ears bleed from loudness, so I'm opting to go with a single 10 or 12 inch sub (I haven't decided which ones yet - kicker looks to make some nice cheaper subs. I'd rather buy it assembled than have to put something in an enclosure.)

I'm on a bit of a budget, so I'm sticking with the factory front and back speakers for now. They sound pretty good anyways to me, they just lack good bass and they're easily distorted from the factory head unit.

As far as an amplifier - I figure I need 5 channels since I'm planning on five speakers. However, is it possible to do the same with just 3 speakers, and hook the Front-Left and Back-Left speakers on one channel, and Front-Right and Back-Right speakers on another, and the sub on the last? The tablet only outputs stereo, so I'm not too concerned with fading front and back.

I'm also concerned that an amplifier will blow out the factory speakers. I've never hooked up an amp before, so I don't really know the featureset of any amp.

As far as the amp, this Kenwood KAC-7005PS looked very nice, though I'm not sure if it's overkill for my intents.

Any help/experience you guys can share would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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2001 Toyota Celica GT

Joined: Dec 2015
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Dec 22, 1:09pm - #450901 
You're only going to need one channel per sub you plan to instal. so if youre only installing one 12", you only need one channel. its always nice to have an extra channel just in case you plane to install another sub later, but youll only need one channel for your plans. if youre only installing one sub, i would recommend a 12". you cant hook up FL and RL to one channel or else youre getting FL or RL out of both. youre tablet will support fading. I PROMISE. The amp will not blow out your oem speakers as you only hook the sub to the amp, not the speakers. with the tablet, you going to need a head unit to plug it into, i would reccomend a kenwood or sony head. As for the amp, i would get nothing higher that 820 watts 2ch. you DONT need it, trust me. you can get an amp fitting your needs on amazon for like 40$ good luck man. share pictures

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