FS: Authentic Veilside EC-1 Kit and Tsunami parts CHEAP!!!
I've got a 100% authentic veilside ec-1 kit, looking to sell it. It's not brand new, but it is painted silver. Front bumper has a little damage (got a quote of $150 for repair including paint). The kit costs $2000 + shipping, fitment, paint new.

Asking $750 plus shipping

100% authentic 04-05 tsunami front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper and wing.

Tsunami front bumper is painted white (040), has all the inserts, fog lights and grilles. You guys know how rare this stuff is and just the fog lights themselves sell for $275 plus shipping. Asking $300+ shipping

Tsunami side skirts are also white (040), I'd say they are about an 8/10. No big scratches or scuffs, no cracking or warping. Just could use a buff or wet sand. Asking $300+ shipping

Tsunami wing is painted spec blue and looks good except for a patch of clear coat that is pealing on the top. Asking $275+ shipping

Front bumper and side skirts Asking $575+ shipping

Front bumper, side skirts, and wing Asking $825+ shipping

I also have the rear bumper but don't really want to sell it. I have an offer of $650 shipped on the table which I have not declined or accepted yet.

Text me at 903/669/1754 or send me a message. I only check this like once a month so texting is going to be the quickest and easiest way