93 GTS Not Starting. Help.
Hi guys i recently rescued a 93 gts for $400 with 218k on the motor.
I wasnt able to start it unless i took off the Intake hose, have one person cover the throttle body with their hand while i crank it. Letting little air pass through. Sometimes though it would backfire out the Intake manifold and all this white smoke would come out.
I was able to drive it like that with a slight idle surge.

I added some Lucas Injector cleaner to the gas which says is safe for all engines and ever since i added it its been a nightmare.
Now it'll just die out when i give it gas on top of the starting issue

Everything circled in red i checked for cracked hoses or pulled out and cleaned/checked for power. The 2 things in green which i think one is the ECT, I pulled it out and replaced it with one from a fifth gen 2.2 from the junkyard. The one i pulled out was actually smaller then the junkyard one. And the thing at the top of the Intake manifold was getting almost no vacuum.
I have not checked the EGR.

New battery, spark plugs, spark plug wires, Fuel injectors are all clicking.

Also, when i start unplugging sensors, it doesnt throw a check engine code. Unplugged the oxygen sensor and nothing. Just kept right on idling

Please help bc im bout to give up in this rescue!!

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