Painting boot centre section- help
So ive just debadged & diy'd painting my celica indent, a gorgeous arden blue, suprised how well the majority of it came out, but some of my grey primer undercoat had soaked through the masking tape and between the letters are grey lines, few scratches etc. tried sanding
& actone & stuff but no joy, paints flat but still damaged.

So i was wondering if anyone could help with my suggestions;

Firstly, anyone ever used touch up paint? As i mentioned its only really the boot centre lid section thats got it, would touch up paint be that noticable?

Secondly if so would i be able to get that small section re sprayed or would it have to be the full boot, from scotland by the way...

Lastly, since im in the customisation faze.. Has anyone ever painted that certain section of the boot lid a different colour? I think it could look decent, but i dont want to over do it,

I have a steel silver 2000 vvti;
Wingmirrors, rear spoiler,side skirts & shark fin aerial are all matt black, alloys are silver & black,
Inside all my trim pieces are arden blue also, with the celica indent on the rear and the badges if i put them back on, what about just painting that section of the boot a matt black with just the blue indent showing through? Anyone think that would look ok?

Thanks for your patience people & i apologise for my essay haha!
Help a brother out..