Replacing the Engine
I have a 2001 Celica GT. One of the rods broke and kinda destroyed my engine. It was getting more and more rough so I knew something would be coming soon. Unfortunately I couldn't afford to do any major work or be without a car. Now I don't have an choice so I need to consider my options.
I'm planning on just buying a rebuilt engine and swapping them out. I know older Celicas have the oil burning/leak problem, which mine definitely had. So I'm planning on buying a newer one. I wanted to originally stick with the 1zz-fe but I plan on (hopefully) turbo charging my car down the line. I don't need something fantastic that's gonna kill most of the cars I come across, I'd just like something a bit faster. I love my car and how it drives, so even if I couldn't make it any faster I wouldn't buy a different car. I just want to know where my best choice lies.
Most of what I've heard is swapping out for the 2z instead. What kinda mods would come with that, though? I know little to nothing about car mechanics, so I just want bottom-line answers as far as how difficult this would be, and if it's worth the price.
Currently I'm looking at just buying a remanufactured 1zz off ebay and dropping it in. Then hopefully in 6 months to a year I would have maybe 5 grand to do all the upgrades. Are there still places I could take my car that can turbo it? (Since its going on 15 years and its not exactly the most popular car). I want to make sure everything is done right and I'd like to do it all at once. I wouldn't be doing this myself or with the assistance of people I know. I'd like to have it professionally done. Having my engine blow once was enough for me.
Please let me know what you think I should do. I'm definitely up for anyone's opinion, especially people like you guys with experience in this kinda stuff. Thanks!