Hello Toyota Celica GTS Enthusiasts
Whats up guys. Im a new member to the CelicaHobby website, and also a new Toyota Celica GTS owner also. Lol
I am extatic about my new purchase. She's a 2000 model GTS 1.8L silver exterior with leather interior. 6 speed manual trans.
Im glad its a 6 speed because I also have a love for sportbikes. I ride a K7SuzukiGSXR600 crotch rocket also. Anyways enough about
me but I do have a question for you guys.? The previous owner of the car modified the suspension the cheap way. FUDGE just to save money. He cut the front springs down two coils with a hack saw to lower the front end for that " Racer " look the kids are going for these
days. But now his mistake is now my problem because the cars bumper or maybe even the tow hooks scrape my driveway when im pulling out to go to work. So ya ive been to speed shops her in Las Vegas, Nv where I live and noone can give me a straight answer of what should I do about this problem of mine. I have 18" racing rims on the car and a full system Megan exhaust as my modifications so far.But my question is, will I lose the sleek ricer look if I go back to stock struts and springs.I have both stock and aftermarket rims for the car.Or can I just buy the adjustable struts with the duel spring to keep that low profile look that everyone is going for.? I have researched online the Tanabe NF210 lowering springs for $177.62 on Ebay. But im sceptical about them because I dont know the stock front ride height for the car from Toyota. I have been looking everywhere online for information about the specs for his car but i keep on running into car dealerships only and no info. Please help me out with this problem of mine. And can anyone please tell me what the stock front ride height is for the car with stock struts and springs please.
The springs on Ebay are saying that its a -1.5 in the front with the aftermarket springs. My rear is perfect. It does not scratch the pavement.

P.S. please give me some suggestions of what I should do about this issue. I just cant drive my new born baby like this. Lol
Hope to hear back from you guys soon. Lol

Your new friend,