Parts needed for a Celica GTS Turbo Conversion
Hi all! I'm aware that this topic (or similar) has been posted many times before, but I really need to find some definitive answers to question of turbocharging a Celica GTS

Okay, so I am the proud owner of an 02 import Celica 190 with 78k miles, which is soon to have a wide arch conversion, then fully wrapped in arctic white and piano black with chrome accents. (I own a vehicle wrapping business)

I'm looking to turbocharge it to around 240-260hp, but I have two options...

Option 1

Complete turbo kit:
- T28 Turbo
- Intercooler
- Turbo manifold
- Blow Off Valve
- All hoses, clamps, connectors etc
It's a full turbo kit basically.

- Uprated Clutch
- 630cc Fuel injectors
- Apexi Power FC

This, I am told will allow me to run about 250whp on a low boost (5-6psi) safely on a stock internal motor.

Would this actually be safe to run on a stock motor with no upgraded internals?

If not, that's not a major problem as I have another £1500-1800 left over from the aforementioned parts listed above! And I don't have to pay for labour costs!!

So, on parts alone, what internals would I need to run 250-270whp safely?

Uprated pistons
Stage 2 cams
Uprated valves
Uprated rods

Anything else? Considering I don't plan on running over 270wh?

Could my tranny handle 250whp with an uprated clutch?

Thanks in advance! Any help is appreciated!