Help with my aftermarket stereo
I recently purchased a new stereo for my celica since the screen broke on the one that was in it. I DO NOT have a wiring harness, because the last owner spliced all of the wires when putting in the first aftermarket stereo. I hooked up all of the wires and made sure they were tightly gripped with electrical tape. The only two wires left were white with a green stripe and dark green, but I'm not sure what they do (maybe dimmers?) so I sealed them off to prevent shortage. So after everything was hooked up, I plugged in the RCA cables to my amp and the cars antenna, but the stereo isn't turning on. The light for the CD slot is lit, but when I press the power button nothing happens. It doesn't work while started or in accessory. I then checked the fuses on the passenger side, and one of the large ones was blown.( It had a 5 on it) I don't really know what could be wrong, and I'm going to get a new fuse regardless, but if it is something else please let me know.