Issues with 2001 Celica GTS
I am so frustrated. I have two issues, or at least I think I do.

First, after having extensive engine work done (valves, coil packs) which took the shop FIVE weeks to complete, I picked up the car only to find that the security system (VIP)did not work, which includes the key fob, alarm arming, electric locks locking & unlocking with ignition on/off, interior lights (overhead, hatch, lights near floor), clock. The guy who did the engine work swore it was the CCM so he put in a new one. Same story - only worked intermittently as it did when I first discovered the issue. Finally took it to Toyota dealer. They said junction box but I they did not get it in before I moved from the area. Both places told me (and I saw it myself) that when pressure was applied all would work sometimes but not stay working. THEN I noticed that the blower does not work. A friend and I removed the blower and tested it. It works. When you turn the switch to any level, you can hear/feel engine draw and also can tell that the compressor is working. All the fuses appear to be fine. Is this related to the other issue with the security system, etc.? I really don't think it is, because I am pretty sure I used the heater after the alarm and related issues were discovered.

Does anyone have a clue? Why is a repair manual next to impossible to find for this car? I love my car - 181,000 miles - but these issues are making me crazy and frankly, the blower not functioning is really an issue.

Sure would appreciate any help someone may be able to offer.