Battery drain after O2 replacement
So, I just wired in some new O2 sensors. Bosch universal. Easy. Not complicated. The two black heater wires from the Celica, to the two whites on the Bosch. The Blue signal wire from the Celi to the black on the Bosch. The white wire from the Celi to the grey on the Bosch. I re-secured the battery terminals, started her up, backed her off the ramps, took her out...she ran like a champ. Like new. I was using the OE O2 sensors carried over from the stock system just previous. Just gave them a good clean before transposing them to my new exhaust. My OE sensors had a whopping 130k on them. I was so glad I replaced them during the test run. No check engine lights the entire time. I went to start the car up this morning, turned the ignition, dash panel lit up and..."click, click, click, click, click..." nothing. Dead battery (?).

Now, to be fair, I did have the car unplugged for approximately two days, as on day one I didn't work on it. Just pulled it in and disconnected the leads after pulling it onto the ramps. The evening of the second days, I began work...and I do have a questionable amount of what looks like crystallized blue icey piled up around the poles of my battery.