2001 Celica GT, engine replaced, will NOT start - ideas?
I purchased a 2001 GT with its engine completely shot. I purchased a replacement engine (this engine was a Manual, the original was a Auto) with the intention of putting it in and riding along in my new ride.

After a lot of work, i managed to get the new engine in and everything hooked up. When i attempted to start it, only the dash lights came on. It sounds like the engine isnt even trying to start! This is my question, does anyone have any ideas why its not starting?

i doubled check my work and everything seems put back correctly.

One important detail, when i looked underneath the steering column inside the car, i noticed a little black box. Turns out the previous owner had an alarm installed. I simply wanted a stock celica, so I clipped the wires coming out the little black box and I figured only the stock wiring was left. (Idk whether or not this detail is important)

The Alarm - Audiovox PRO9544FT3 (in case you were wondering)

U guys have helped soooo much in the past, so I really hope u guys can help me out this one more time! Thanks and sorry for the long post!

Like a Boss!