Power Steering Fluid - How To Check
How To Check Power Steering Fluid

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Check the fluid level through the reservoir. If necessary, add automatic transmission fluid DEXRON II or III.

If the vehicle has been driven around 80 km/h (50 mph) for 20 minutes (a little more in frigid temperatures), the fluid is hot (60CE”80C or 140FE”175F). You may also check the level when the fluid is cold (about room temperature, 10CE”30C or 50FE”85F) if the engine has not been run for about five hours.

Clean all dirt from outside of the reservoir tank and look at the fluid level. If the fluid is cold, the level should be in the ECOLDE¯ range. Similarly, if it is hot, the fluid level should be in the EHOTE¯ range. If the level is at the low side of either range, add automatic transmission fluid DEXRON II or III to bring the level within the range.

To remove the reservoir cap, turn it counterclockwise and lift up. To reinstall it, turn it clockwise. After replacing the reservoir cap, visually check the steering box case, vane pump and hose connections for leaks or damage.

The reservoir tank may be hot so be careful not to burn yourself.

Avoid overfilling, or the power steering could be damaged.