Brake Fluid, Checking
Checking the Brake Fluid

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To check the fluid level, simply look at the see- through reservoir. The level should be between the EMAXE and EMINE lines on the reservoir.

It is normal for the brake fluid level to go down slightly as the brake pads wear. So be sure to keep the reservoir filled. If the reservoir needs frequent refilling, it may indicate a serious mechanical problem.

If the level is low, add SAE J1703 or FMVSS No.116 DOT 3 brake fluid to the brake reservoir.

Remove and replace the reservoir cap by hand. Fill the brake fluid to the dotted line. This brings the fluid to the correct level when you put the cap back on.

Use only newly opened brake fluid. Once opened, brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air, and excess moisture can cause a dangerous loss of braking.

CAUTION: Take care when filling the reservoir because brake fluid can harm your eyes and damage painted surfaces. If fluid gets in your eyes, flush your eyes with clean water.

NOTICE: If you spill the fluid, be sure to wash it off with water to prevent it from damaging the parts or paint.