Upgrade 17" rims need brake change or not
Hi everybody,

I need some advice on new rims for my 2000 Toyota Celica GT. I've chosen the rims and tires, and so far everything seems fit:

XXR 001 17x7 Machined/Black 5-100/5-114.3 [+40mm]
225/45-17 FALKEN AZENIS PT-722 A/S 91V BLT

The rim is about 21.5 lb and tire 23.0 lb. The stock wheel for GT is 15x6.5 with 195/60/15 tire. From the threads I read, it's around 38-40 lb total. So there is a ~5 lb gain on each wheel with the new ones. It makes sense for the logic that heavier wheels require bigger brakes to apply more stopping power on the gained rotating mass. I'm just wondering if I need to upgrade my brake systems as well? How serious is 5 lb? How much difference of the 5 lb's gain can make if I keep using the stock brakes?

I'm OK with shorter life of the disc rotors on the heavy rims. A little longer braking distance is expected and I usually don't drive aggresively. Is there anything I can do to increase braking power? Not considering big brake kits, too expensive. I'm thinking if I change new rotors and pads that have a higher friction coefficient. Will that help?

Also a side question. Since I'm doing new rims and new tires, so everything new. I assume I need a wheel alignment or balancing? Or both? How much would the cost be, roughly?

Thank you very much in sharing your knowledge and helping me. I really appreciate it!

(p.s. Please forgive me for my lack of mechanical basics and language proficiency)