7th GEN Rear drum to disc conversion fitment?
Hi everybody,

I'm planning to do a rear drum to disc conversion on my 2000 Toyota Celica GT. I've read some of the amazing threads about how to do it, but I figured the read brake assembly from a GTS is prettty hard to find nowadays. If anyone selling any, I'd be interested to make an offer.

From the info I gathered, it seems a read brake assembly from other cars could fit our Celica as well. Some says 03-08 Corolla XRS (while some says 05 and 06 only), ??-?? Matrix XRS, and even Pontiac Vibe. I wonder what does the "fit" means: same wheel bearing, disc size, and caliper size? Or they are actually the same part No.? Has anyone used parts from such vehicles to fit a Celica? I'm very interested in hearing some details. I heard the e-brake line's length does not fit across vehicles, but is there anything else that is different?

Another question is: do I need to adjust the front/rear braking ratio after the conversion? Either using GTS or other Toyota parts. (I guess there is some difference between drum and disc "stopping power"?) Also a side question, do I need any sort of wheel alignmeent or balancing after the conversion?

Thank you very much in sharing your knowledge and helping me. I really appreciate it!

(p.s. Please forgive me for my lack of mechanical basics and language proficiency)