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Joined: Sep 2012
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Joined: Sep 2012
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Sep 29, 2:05pm - #449028 
GT vs GTS... The Best of Both Worlds?

I'm looking to purchase a Celica and can't decide on the model. Initially, I was convinced a GTS was the only way to go because I wanted the additional HPs. But I recently read something that's caused me to reconsider.

Most sources seem to claim the GT and GTS (stock) perform identically below 6K RPM, as the additional 40HPs on the GTS apparently only kick in at higher RPMs. But I've seen a few posts/articles (one on this site) which suggest the GT may actually out perform the GTS at lower RPMs (although I must admit I wasn't tech-savvy enough to understand the explanations given). Now I'm asking myself, since I spend most of my driving life below 6000 RPMs, which model makes more sense? Or can I have both...?

So, assuming the GT does in fact perform better at the lower end (and there's no question the GTS out performs at the higher end), what model makes the most sense if you want the best of both worlds? Would it be easier to modify the GT to improve it's performance at higher RPMs (which I'm assuming might involve something like a turbo or supercharger... but I'll be the first to admit I know just enough about this kind of stuff to be dangerous:), or does it make more sense to go with the GTS and improve its low end performance (which I'm assuming might involve changing gear ratios... same thing applies:)?

I ask because I'm looking for a later year, low mileage Celica, preferably a 2000-2005 with under 60,000 miles. So far, not an easy find, especially if I limit myself to GTSs. Based purely on availability, finding a a car which meets my criteria (which also includes having been well maintained and a clean title... I know, some people want it all:) is naturally going to be far easier for a GT than a GTS. But I'm willing to be patient and continue the hunt if it makes sense to do so. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I like the look of the AP package, but of course, this thins the field even further. Can anyone give me an idea of the cost of an after market package (parts and labor, if possible)? And yes, I realize this will vary quite a bit, depending on circumstances (like location, year, etc), but I'm just looking for a rough idea (maybe a range?) so I can better compare vehicles with and without APs. Thanks in advance for any help!

Joined: Sep 2012
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Joined: Sep 2012
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Oct 13, 6:38am - #449049 
Let me just say that I own a 2003 Celica GT. Now, When I had purchased my car I wanted a Scion TC but the sales guy at the Toyota dealer showed me this 03 Celica. At the time I wasn't aware of the different models (GT and GTS). I bought the car for a good price and it was always dealer maintained and driven by 1 owner who was a little old lady which only used it in the summer and nice days in winter.

The car runs perfectly to this day but I can't help but feel a little bit sad that it's not a GTS. I really feel jealous that I don't have a 6th gear or higher rpm capabilities. I'm in the process of saving for a complete performance engine rebuild so I can slap a turbo kit on it and do a c56 to c60 conversion (drop a gts 6speed into my once 5spd.)

The problem I am having which you my find yourself in if you go with the GT is, do I (or you) want to get a 2zz (gts engine) and swap that in to rebuild performance wise or rebuild the 1zz (gt engine). The cost of a new 2zz is huge. I got a quote from the toyota dealer for a c60 transmission of $2500 and that wasn't a guarantee that I could even get the transmission.

I myself think I'll just leave my car a 1zz and rebuild it with complete performance parts and add the turbo kit and 6spd transmission with a centerforce clutch. Only because of the cost of the 2zz, but I really wish my car was a GTS in all honesty.

These cars are getting harder and harder to find. I guess I was just lucky to find a gem celica with low miles, although now it has 106k. It still runs like it did when I got it at 56k. If I was you I would try to find a GTS. The prices will be around the same but when you go to upgrade and improve on parts you'll have better options since the cost is the same but you'll get more bang for the buck, if that makes sense. Plus you'll have a 6spd and won't have to spend 2500 bucks (for the transmission only not including labor) to swap it if you had the gt (5spd).

Again, I love my celica but I am so jealous when I see other celica's passing by with the GTS tag. Although, I'm lucky enough that my 03 celica has the good front end. Look's just like a GTS, so when I finally upgrade my car I'll buy the gts tag and add the "red" (T) after my silver GT to make it a GT-T lol.

Anyway, Good luck!

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