I NEED SOME ADVICE. I have replaced almost all of my sensors. Of I didn't replace is my iac bc it is 200 used. Short on cash so i can't get another my dad and my brother say it just needs to be adjusted. The iac valve turns from side to side. I have a 2000 Toyota celica gts so i NEED to know which side its gotta be turned course clockwise seems to make idle lower. Clockwise it makes idle higher. It's not the idle screw. What it does mainly is I can drive it. N weather it is hot or will bog down when I am at a stop sign or even stall out then I can't start it back up until I play with it again. It's gotta be that. It's the only thing that makes a difference with the car when you mess with it. I just need to know about where should I position it. PLEASE HELP. Any advice will help. I just got it three weeks ago and I'm ready to drive without worry. Thnx.