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2004 GTS new owner questions #446792 Aug 4, 1:25pm Aug 4, 1:25pm
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LordSephiroth OP
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LordSephiroth OP

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2004 GTS new owner questions
Hey folks,

I bought a light (baby?) blue 2004 GTS a few days ago and have been poking around the car trying to figure out what everything is. I bought it from a dealer, so I have little history on the car or the mods.

The car looked pretty good, a few minor scratches but nothing to speak of. The worst of it was under the car where one of the previous owners managed to tear the front of the under guard (splash guard?) off and it was blowing in the wind. There were also some old wiring harnesses, one appeared to be for some lights under the car and in the trunk, but they had long been disconnected. They appeared to have been installed very cleanly, but when you opened the center console box above the radio you discovered a mess of wires going to a wiring harness that was directly tied to the battery. While removing all that nonsense and detailing the car, I found a few things I had questions about. I'll post some pics, but let me know if you need more or different ones.

1. Exhaust identification - the exhaust has a "Raceline" logo on it and I can't tell for the life of me what it is since Raceline's website has nothing about Celicas. Further, it appears one of the pipes has been welded over as if it used to belong to a dual exhaust system. I've posted two pics, one of the tip and one of the weld. Any ideas what this is? A crappy custom job? Should it be replaced?

2. Intake - I have no clue what model Intake this is, there is no labeling on it at all. There is a pipe going to the radiator that has "OBX" on it and is blue, but it doesn't appear to be related and the Intake looks nothing like the OBX model. Any ideas what it is? My primary concern is cleaning/caring for the filter as I'm sure it hasn't been touched lately. I posted one pic of this.

3. Lower front fender - The previous owner tore this up, the paint and surfaces look ok from the top but there ar ea few scratches from the bottom. The real damage is to the connectors where the lower grill and splash guard bolt together with the fender. The connector hole is torn clean through on all of them. It doesn't hang or drag badly, but I don't like it being like that. See #4 for my temporary solution (it relates). Any ideas on fixing that? I assume a new one involves painting it or will Toyota have one in the color?

4. Splash guard - The passenger side splash guard is in pretty bad shape. It's been stretched out with new holes drilled and then zip tied to different surfaces under the car to hold itself up. It started dragging pretty soon after I got it. I'd like to replace it now, but the cost of doing that + the lower fender isn't going to work at this point since I don't think you can just replace the splash guard w/o the fender too (since the holes are torn through). I noticed at one point there was a solid metal guard made, but it seems the company has gone TU frown I'd really prefer that over the current mess it is.

My solution for #3 and #4 involved basically bolting all of the pieces together. I got a few 1/4in bolts, washers, and nuts, then stuck washers on either side (head of the bolt went into the fender, pointing towards the grill. I ran it through the fender (what was left of the hole that was torn through), the grill, then the splash guard (where possible), and finally put the "arm" up that went below the splash guard and tightened them as tight as I could. I did this in 3 places. Is there a problem with this approach provided I monitor the bolts to make sure they aren't slipping? I drove around for about an hour with it like that to make sure they stayed tight, but haven't had it that way for long.

Any help is much appreciated!

Re: 2004 GTS new owner questions [Re: LordSephiroth] #446982 Aug 10, 8:35pm Aug 10, 8:35pm
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For the splash guard you might want to try going to a junkyard and finding a replacement. You can probably find spare parts on craigslist.

The air Intake looks like some ebay one, as long as he replaced the filter with a k&n or some other reputable brand it should be ok.

I know what you're going through, I got my 03 GTS a couple months ago too and I wanted to do all this stuff to it.

Just let it die, you'll realize the car isn't really worth all that money.
As long as it drives it's fine.

Also, did you get it checked by a mechanic before you bought it?
You should have done that if you didn'

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