Oil, Simota Oil Catch Can - How To Install
Simota Oil Catch Can
By hombredelassrta

Well i finally got the urge to install my Simota Carbon Fiber oil catch can and all urethane Intake filter today in prep for the s/c install. I also invested in some heavy duty braided lines for the vacuum hoses as I like the look better then the blue hose that came with the can. Install only took about 20 min or so with random other projects going on at the same time.

what is good about this catch can over others? well 1st its all carbon fiber. 2nd is the side window to see the oil levels. and 3rd is the screen/filter inside to keep the bad oil/water from going back to the Intake manifold.

info on the catch can and filter:


What is needed:

-Simota Carbon fiber (or their other ones) Oil catch can
-3/8's Hose (kit comes with a long blue hose and should be enough but can invest in more if needed.
-coupler to join the stock hoes to a little more 3/8's to go Intake manifold to can
-Electrical tape to cover the braided hose on areas where rubbing can be a problem.

Also note i forgot a picture but this is for the larger of the hoses connected to the Intake manifold

1st you need to find the location. I chose the driver front side of the car above the radiator hose as it is a nice solid area and it is out of the way. Issue is you may need some more hose as it is kind of far.

after the can is properly mounted (using whatever bracket system your kit comes with and possibly zip ties) run the one line from the valve cover to the can. Cut off whatever is not needed.

Now see how far the stock hose goes from the Intake manifold to the can. If it can reach you are golden. At this location it wont. So adjoin a little extra hose to the end of it with the coupler.

Put you Intake back on, check for anything loose and start up your engine. If no leaks you are good to go

Sorry about it being dirty. I have a show next weekend so I'll clean it then Daily Driver for win

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I decided that it rubbing on top of the fuel line and near the 0awg was bad so i wrapped it in tape and put it under the fuel line

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