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Joined: Apr 2005
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2000 Absolutely Red Toyota Celica
2000 Toyota Celica

Joined: Apr 2005
Posts: 41
Apr 11, 8:08am - #439906 
blueBommer mod question

hey guys, my Intake has been boggin down even before i had the engine worked on. now i read the bluebommer mod. and iw as wondering if i really need that part of the stock Intake track where the MAF sensor used to bolt up to? or could i get away with just the directional fins from the stock Intake? and the Intake i have already has a MAF bung, if i have to move the MAF sensor how, and with what do i plug that hole? thanks for any help given.

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CF Connoisseur

CF Connoisseur
2004 Toyota Celica

Joined: Jun 2004
Posts: 3,748
Gainesville, FL
Apr 11, 12:02pm - #439907 
Have you seent he bluebomber writup. Its on the other celica site under isntalls and perfect CAI or somehtign along those lines. Prettmyuch you need that whole section from ur stock Intake. U chop that out, and you cut off that section of your current Intake. so lots of chopping here smile Then you put the 2 together. I ahve been thinkign of doing it for a while now jsut havent had the time or are to do it. If you have mroe questions let me know thumbsup

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Senior Member

Senior Member
2003 Toyota Celica

Joined: Dec 2003
Posts: 487
Portland, Oregon
Apr 11, 5:21pm - #439908 
The BlueBomber mod is basically cutting the MAF housing tube out of the stock air box and using it in place of the MAF housing of an aftermarket Intake.

The reason for doing this is Celica's MAF and ECU are calibrated to detect and calculate air flow thru a 2.5 inch opening with fins just in front of the MAF to minimize air turbulence (stock air box). Notice the fins are straight and not angled in any way. This is done to ensure that the air passes through the reeds of the actual maf sensor at a straight angle with a minimum of turbulence.

Most aftermarket Intakes both CAI and SRI (AEM, Injen, K&N etc etc.) place the MAF in a 2.75 inch finless tube environment; this can sometimes

throw off the readings the MAF sends to the ECU, which can sometimes lead to the ECU miscalculating how much fuel to inject into the cylinder and cause Bogging or a Check Engine Light to come on because the mixture is too lean or too rich.

Not everyone who uses an AEM or Injen Intake will get CELs or bogging.

The TPR CAI and Intakes with the BlueBomber MOD dont Bog and throw CELs because they have the correct MAF environment dimensions and fins to minimize turbulence near the MAF, which helps to ensure the ECU always gets the correct air flow reading from the MAF.

You can find an install guide for this mod over at new celica dot org.

> INSTALL > Engine / Performance > INSTALL: PERFECT CAI (Hybrid Aftermarket Intake/Stock Airbox Mod)

The TPR Intake is the only Intake that I know of to use the same MAF dimensions as the stock air box, unfortunately there is a long waiting list to get them.

Its called the Blue Bomber mod because he invented it, and actually did it; props to him for doing so.

For what it's worth and to those who might be interested you can read my theory on Celica Intakes, bogs and Cels here:

In my opinion Celica Intakes that utilize pipe sizes larger than 2.5 with the stock ECU tend to run the engine lean throughout most of the power band, only to level out at certain RPM ranges, it is a small enough degree that the stock ECU is able to compensate for most of the time, but an extended lean condition non the less. This is not a good state to run in for long periods of time if you are at all concerned about engine longevity.

Just my $0.02, others may disagree.

Its also why I think the TPR Intake is something worth waiting for. I gotta hand it to Chris for being the only person I know to develop a 7th Gen Celica induction system that increases performance without compromising the overall reliability and integrity of the engine.

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