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Joined: Mar 2004
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2002 Grey/Black Toyota Celica
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2002 Toyota Celica

Joined: Mar 2004
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Feb 26, 6:37am - #409870 
WTF! GTS Will Not Start! Each Time!

Before I begin with my question(s... I will begin with how it started.

I had to replace my Injen CAI due to the fact that mount bracket broke. Thus, hole on pipe.

I went to a local shop and purchsed a set of AEM CAI. But b4 doing so I asked the diff between Injen and AEM cold air. And reply none "All Cold Air are the same". Therefore.. went to AEM. Which I must be honest that its not bad. I am happy with the result.

Yup! There is a problem.

After I have installed and program powerfc. I drove for a couple of days without any problem(s).

Then came a time where I at 1/4 tank and had to fill up. And done so (Chevron)and discovered Celi will not start.

Puzzled and curious as to wtf is happening... opened the Hood and checked if there were any vacuum hose came loose from my installed. Thus, none.

I notice that rpm jumps up to 2700 rpm and dropped to 0 so it's getting fuel but not constant. Therefore I applied some gas to pedal to start and it started but dies after releasing the pedal.

Late for work. I decided to start with foot the gas pedal and went I go.

But here is where I am puzzled to this day! This only happens only when I fill up the gas tank. And also, I notice that I have no preasure when I remove the tank cap. Which I know it had then. Does the cap have a regulator?Thus release the preasure from gas tank. My AE92 have a lot of preasure when you open cap. I mean preasure. I mean as soon as you open PSSSSSSSSSS! Not Celi tho.

Does anyone know as to why it's doin this?

Mike when I purchased the PowerFC, It's tuned for Injen CAI. Does this matter?
If this the case, then tell if I need to retuned PowerFC.

Thanks in advance for reply(s)


Joined: Dec 2004
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Senior Member
2003 Toyota Celica GT

Joined: Dec 2004
Posts: 419
Los Angeles, California
Mar 4, 9:13pm - #409871 
Injen and AEM are NOT the same. Injen has more power in the high end. AEM has more power in the low end. You should retune your PFC.

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