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Joined: Dec 2002
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2001 Absolutely Red Toyota Celica
2001 Toyota Celica

Joined: Dec 2002
Posts: 18
Ft Stewart, GA
Jan 6, 9:00pm - #4001 
alpine supercharger by June

i recieved this email from alpine

Thank you very much for your inquiry regarding Toyota forced induction applications. Based on the "hundreds" of inquiries we've received in just the last few weeks, Alpine Developments has decided to develop separate forced induction systems for the 1ZZ-FE and the 2ZZ-GE engine platforms.

1ZZ-FE Engine

We will be starting development of a turbo w/Aqua-cooler kit for the 1ZZ-FE engine before the end of January. This (according to all the information other Toyota enthusiasts provided) should fit the `98-`03 Corolla, `00-`03 Celica-GT, and `00-`03 Matrix-XR (and Pontiac Vibe-base model). This will not work on the MR-2 Spyder (TRD--one of our clients--is already developing a turbo kit for this vehicle--which we may be able to offer ourselves). We believe we can do this without lowering the 10:1 compression ratio, and still pass CARB testing, and give it a safe and reliable increase in HP and torque. Realistically, this should be available sometime in March or April of `03.

2ZZ-GE Engine

We anticipate by the end of February, we should be able to start development of a Aqua-cooled supercharger kit for the 2ZZ-GE engine (whether in conjunction with TRD or not), which should fit the `00-`03 Celica-GTS, and the Matrix-XRS (Pontiac Vibe-GT). Even with it's higher compression (11.5:1), because of the Aqua-cooling, we believe we can get CARB certified as well. If all goes according to plan, this kit could be ready by May or June of next year. This will be a separate system form the one TRD is developing themselves.

4A-GE Engine

We currently offer a turbo w/intercooler kit for the 4A-GE engine platform (`85-`87 RWD/`88-`91 FWD Corollas?) that is sold through our S. African office that we will bring over in the next few months to test fit on a left-hand-drive Ca. smogged vehicle. Once it has been modified (if necessary) to work on U.S vehicles, tuned and dyno'd, anticipate it being available sometime after the middle of the year. At that time, we will look into the feasibility of getting CARB certified.

7A-FE Engine

At this point in time, we have no plans to develop a forced induction system for this platform (`93-`97 Corollas?), but if the demand is great enough (meaning we get a flood of inquiries like we did on the 1ZZ/2ZZ engines), we could always change our minds.


Although it's way too early to set a price on these applications, we don't anticipate any of these kits selling for more than $3100 suggested retail, and that includes everything you would need to install yourself!

Shipping & Packaging

We are now using Fed-Ex Ground Service as our regular carrier, and have found them to offer not only better care and handling of our products, but in most cases, are less expensive than UPS. All shipments will be insured at their retail value. All of our systems are pre-assembled as much as possible, and shipped complete in one box (typically 28"x 18"x 18" w/hand-grip cutouts), and average in weight between 50-to-90-lbs, with custom Styrofoam packaging to insure our products arrive intact.


All of our non-CARB approved applications carry a "1-Year / Unlimited Mileage" warranty against defects in materials and workmanship (unless otherwise specified). Any omission or addition of parts, deviation or modification to our kit from its original intent, design, and installation instructions, or any additional modifications that may affect the performance and reliability of our kit as intended, will void this warranty.

We are still hammering out the fine print at this point in time, but anticipate having a "3-Year / 36,000 Mile Power Train" backed by Dell Financial Services (same people who back GM's warranties) in place before the end of this year. A Dell Financial representative or an "Authorized Alpine Developments Installation Facility" (which we are aggressively setting up across the country now) will be the only ones who can sign off on this. This may include and cover "official" upgrades from Alpine Developments . Details on this will be forwarded to you when this has been finalized.

Even more good news...we will be offering an optional "extended warranty" on the basic kit (no modifications at all) that can be purchased at the time of purchase of our kits, or up to 90 days after purchase of our kit, that will match the remaining factory power train warranty as long as the vehicle has less than 50,000 miles on it. (The price for this will vary depending on the length of the factory warranty being matched, but don't anticipate it being more than an extra $200-to-$300.) The details of this are not all set yet, but as with the other warranty, will have to be "signed off" by a Dell Financial representative, or "Authorized Alpine Developments Installation Facility". We should have all this in place by the first of the year! Unfortunately, any upgrades (even our own "official" upgrades) will not be covered by this extended warranty package. Again, details on this will be forwarded to you when this has been finalized as well.

Again, thank you for your tremendous response, and you should congratulate yourselves! (who says your voice can't be heard?). I will keep all of your inquiries in a "Toyota" folder, and send you any new "updates" to all of you when we have any more information to pass along. In the meantime, don't hesitate to contact us if you should have any other questions or concerns. I look forward to hearing back from you all soon!

Stephen M. Belanger
Sales & Marketing
S.A. Alpine Developments, Inc.
7581 Acacia Avenue
Garden Grove, Ca. 92841
Ph (714) 379-8066
Fx (714) 379-8166

Joined: Aug 2002
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Joined: Aug 2002
Posts: 101
Jan 6, 10:04pm - #4002 
thats very good news, finally some forced induction thats going to be affordable, instead of 6grand like the blitz. this is def. somethin i'd like to see developed

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Senior Member
Senior Member

Joined: Dec 2002
Posts: 505
Oakland, CA
Jan 7, 7:59am - #4003 
/praying ...i hope this actually comes out in june because we've been waiting on the west covina TRD turbo kit for damn near 2 years.

[Linked Image]
//2k3 zephBlue celica
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