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SwTpNoYGTS Dec 10, 10:43am - #3103 
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2000 Toyota Celica

Joined: Sep 2002
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Anybody have Extra Care Gold Protection Warranty

I went to the dealer to have my belt tensioner fixed because it was really squeeking and it was annoying me every time I drive. When I have the service advicer and technician checked it, they quoted me on the price of the parts and the price of the labor. The tensioner *including the belt* was $175 and the Labor will cost me $105. Now I asked them if they could do a warranty work, the service guy told me, it would not be covered under the warranty because the coverage was 35000 miles and my mileage was 54300 miles. So I told the service department guy that when I first bought my car, I got a Extra Care Gold Protection package then he told me that even though I have the Extra Care Gold Protection warranty, the belt tensioner is not covered because its a wear and tear part.

I wanna know if that service guy is giving me a BS ???

Does anybody know or have the Extra Care Gold protection??? Does the belt tensioner included on the warranty??

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Anonymous Dec 10, 10:57am - #3104 

Hey there. This does not answer your question directly, but I hope it helps. I had my belt tensioner changed at 20,000 miles. I was told that it would cost me $50 (deductible). I decided to buy the 100k warranty, which has $0 deductible. I always thought that the reason for not paying the $50 was because the work fell under the extended warranty.

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