Exhaust Silencer - How To Remove
How To Remove an Exhaust Silencer

So you've installed an aftermarket exhaust system and placed a silencer inside the tip to keep things a bit more quite and to help against being pulled over by the cops for excessive noise. Now you've changed your mind and want to remove the silencer but when you do, you find that its stuck and you cannot get it out.

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A few tips for removal:

Drive your car for about 10 minutes to heat the metal so its in the most expanded form. While parked, with the vehicle turned off, look around the tip to see if a bolt is holding it on, as is the case of the exhaust in the above picture. Then while wearing thick gloves (gardening or oven mitts will work just fine), unscrew the bolt (if there is one) and use pliers to pull the silencer out. it should easily come out.

A few taps with a rubber mallet may also loosen the silencer and make it easier to remove.

WD40 is flammable. If choose to use WD40 while your car is hot, be sure your car is turned OFF. Afterwards, wipe the areas down thoroughly to remove all remaining traces of the formula. WD40 may eat your exhausts enamel and make it prone to easy rusting.

Muffler shops will just use their torches to heat the area, and then their tools to remove the parts. They usually charge about $10. We recommend "Midas Mufflers" is a good place to go for this service.