Tien Coilovers - Setup
Tien Coilover Suspension Height and Damper setup.

Tools and equipment needed:
-Floor jack
-2 jack stands
-Tien coilover adjustment wrenches
-12 ruler
-Steel measuring tape
-Paper and Pencil

Adjusting ride height-

1) Park vehicles over a level, solid work area. Concrete floor in garage area or any level paved surface.

2) Measure your starting point for ride height. From the top of the arch on your fender to the bottom of the tire where it meets the pavement with the tape measure. Record your data on a sheet of paper for all four wheels.

3) Jack up one end of the car and place jack stands under chassis. Lower car onto the jacks. Make sure you have either the emergency brake pulled or the car in gear. And the wheels blocked.

4) Measure the distance from underneath the strut tower down to the bottom of the spring perch.(Where the spring perch and locking nut meet). Do this to both sides. Record your data on a sheet of paper for future reference.

5) Loosen the locking nut and adjust the spring perch with the supplied Tien perch wrenches to a desired measurement. Duplicate on the other side as well. Record your new adjustment sizes (perch to under strut tower). Make sure both sides are equal. Raising the the perches have a multiplied effect to the amount your car is raised or lowered.

6) Raise car off the jack stands, remove stands and lower back to the ground. Measure each corner that has been adjusted from ground to top of wheel arch.

7) Repeat steps till you have desired ride height. Record your data to allow quicker, more precise adjustments in the future.

8) Once youve finished one end repeat the process on the other end.

Adjusting compression/rebound-

With this system one knob(on top of the strut) changes the compression and rebound. There are 24 settings in all to set the type of ride you want. The lower you go the stiffer your likely going to want to make it for street use. Simply for the fact of saving you from scraping on dips in the road etc. The trick is that setting the knob in the middle takes the struts to 3/4 of their total stiffness. The settings can be adjusted to near stock like to gokart like stiffness. The knobs in the rear can be a pain.

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