RMM Front Upper-Strut Tie Bar - Install
How To Install RMM Front Upper-Strut Tie Bar
By Eric Balarezo (XYRCNCP)

I bought my RMM bar about 3-4 months ago, and I saw that Larry wanted someone to do a write up on the install of the bar for the website so here it is. The installation is not hard at all, it's one of the easiest, cheapest and functional mods you can do. You don't need to have much mechanical experience to do this; all you need is a ratchet and the strength to take the bolts out.

To begin, make sure of course that you have all the components ready.

1x RMM strut bar (duh)
6x 12 mm silver bolts (RMM provided)
1x replacement battery hold down (RMM provided)

You DON'T need to jack up the car for this install, start by removing the battery connectors, you'll see why later. Then take off all of the upper strut plate bolts, they will be very, very tight. Make sure not to strip them if you like to have them for later.

Place the strut bar aligned with the strut bolts and just hand tighten the nuts, and place the battery hold down where the factory one used to be. This hold-down will attach to the long battery screw and nut. (Go figure RMM didn't include a matching screw and nut for the bar) NOTE: MAKE SURE YOU DON'T PINCH THE WASHER FLUID LINE ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE ENGINE BAY.

Once you made sure the hose is not pinched, reconnect the battery terminals in a 90-degree angle, that way they won't touch the bar. Finally, tighten down the nuts to the strut threads with enough force that you don't strip them.

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That's all to it, it will make a big difference, and more if you have your Celica dropped. The turns are stiffer and there is less body roll and frame twist. Add on the TRD rear 3pt. strut bar and you will really feel the stiffness of the frame.