Lights, Side Marker Blinker - How To Install
Side Marker Blinker
By CloNeGTS, March 21, 2002

How to turn your side markers into blinkers.
When completed successfully, your side marker lights will blink just like in the following videos.

With Headlights Off CLICK HERE
With Headlights On CLICK HERE

What you'll need

General Purpose Electrical Wire and Wiring Accessories


1. You'll need to pull the top of the bumper open to get good access to the side marker lights. We'll start with the passenger side of the car, but you will do the same for the driver's side later. Remove the 10-mm bolts shown in the picture below.
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2. Then pull back the fenderwell lining to remove the 10-mm bolt holding the edge of the bumper in place.
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3. Once the bolts are removed, you can pull back the top of the bumper and give you access to the bulbs in the side markers. Go ahead and twist the bulb socket to remove it from the side marker. It should look like this.
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4. The green wire is the + connection for the light. The white is - . You want to cut the - wire and tape off the end coming from the car (the end at the top of the picture below).
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5. Now you want to connect the other end of the - wire ( the piece coming from the socket) up to the + wire of the turn signal. Strip off the ends of the - wire and your splice wire and wrap them together. Run the other end of that wire up into the engine bay near the turn signal bulb.

6. Again, the green wire running into the turn signal bulb socket is + and the white is - . We just want to splice into the + wire to send that signal down to the - of the side marker bulb. Cut the + turn signal wire in half, strip the ends, and tie all 3 wire ends together (the two green wire ends and the end of your splicing wire). Here's a pic of the cut and the completed splice.
Linked Image Linked Image

7. Test out your work. Try the turn signal both with the headlights off and on. If they work as the videos above show, you've done good. On to the other side.

8. The other side should work just as the passenger side did. The only thing I needed to do different was to add a small extension to the turn signal + wire after the splice cut was made. With the mini fuse box in the way, it was a little tight to stretch. I added a few inches of wire between the 3 wire splice and the other end of the + wire. The pic below shows the small change.
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