Welcome and please read the classifieds forum guidelines
Welcome to the feedback forum. This new forum is in place to help our members using the classifieds boards to have successful transactions with other members and to provide a deterrent to fraudulent buyers and sellers.


1. Please title all threads with the member's username and enter your comments in the body of the post whether positive or negative as long as it relates to a transaction with the individual. Please use as much detail as possible. i.e. dates etc etc... Within each post please utilize a thumbs up (Linked Image) and down (Linked Image) to make it easier to see which feedback is good or bad

2. This board is using the honor system and we are counting on the integrity of our members not to abuse this forum to attack other members they dislike or boost members that they do like.

3. If you have comments to add about an individual please use a common thread instead of starting a new one.

4. Any member advertising goods for sale that is not fulfilling his or her end of an agreed upon bargain or any member attempting to purchase goods without the intention of paying will be summarily banned from our public forums. Please note that in the case of negative feedback the accused will be allowed one rebuttal per comment to the accusation and their banishment from the boards will come under review. Non acknowledgment (response to PMs or email from admins or mods) of the accusation will be taken as an of admittance of guilt.

5. This is NOT a flame board, please do not treat it as such.

CelicaHobby.com, it's owners and employees are not responsible for any of the information in this forum or what any individual does with the information in this forum. You are buying/selling at your own risk.

Happy buying & selling wave